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 Day Trips Canoeing or Kayaking in the Noosa Everglades

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So ... you're interested in going for a paddle through the renowned Noosa Everglades with your partner, family or a bunch of mates, but you don't have any equipment, you don't know where to start, you don't know the best places to go and you're time-stretched to get organised.  You also want the best value deal around, and you don't want to be messed around with loads of logistics problems.

Look no further!  This is the trip for you ... a full day to explore the Everglades at your own pace, and all fully packaged and heavily discounted for groups of 2 or more people.  We keep the price down by making these self-guided, but we go all the way to get you there and back, with all the right gear and all the right guidance on what to do and where to go.

We provide all the canoes, kayaks, safety gear, maps, full and detailed briefings, and canoeing instruction, and we can drop you right on the doorstep of the Everglades via one of our water taxis so you can quickly get started and enjoy the day to its fullest.  Either way, all you need to do is get yourself to Boreen Point.

A fantastic and safe day outdoors!


These must be pre-booked, so please either phone or email us, or complete the online booking form in advance.  We encourage you to phone and ask questions, and to allow us to offer suggestions to help you get the most out of your Everglades experience.

In addition, there are ocassions when we are away on tours so it is always best to book as early as possible.


This map shows the approx 6.2km route across Lake Cootharaba between Boreen Point and the entrance to the Noosa Everglades at Kinaba, on the nothern shore of the lake.

Because LAKE ESCAPADES is based in Boreen Point, people wishing to experience the Noosa Everglades by canoe or kayak have the following options, which also determine the total cost of the experience:

  • Paddling this route across the lake, in one or both directions (the blue line in the above map), or
  • Using our water taxi service, or
  • Taking a shorter paddling route by entering the lake near to Elanda Point (the middle green marker on the map).


Price depends on the number of people in your group and whether you elect to use our water taxi service or not for transport across Lake Cootharaba to/from the entrance to The Everglades at the Kinaba Information Centre.  Lake Cootharaba is notourious for the breeze to strengthen from the south during most days and consequently we STRONGLY suggest that paddlers take our water taxi service for at least the return leg from Kinaba to either Elanda Point or Boreen Point.  These are our PER PERSON rates effective from Sept, 2015 assuming the use of 2-person canoes or kayaks launched from and returned to Boreen Point or Elanda Point.

Number of People

No Water Taxi

1-way Water Taxi

2-way Water Taxi


A$55 pp

A$115 pp

A$175 pp


A$55 pp*

A$105 pp*

A$145 pp*


A$55 pp

A$100 pp

A$140 pp

More than 4

A$55 pp

A$95 pp

A$130 pp

Please note:

  • We encourage early departures in order to give you the best paddling and boating conditions - as such hires commence as early as sunrise, and end around 4:30 - 5:00pm
  • We suggest 2 persons per canoe or kayak, but if you have an odd number of people in your group we may place 3 people in one of the boats or (*) for an additional $10pp in the group we will include a single kayak for one person  
  • Costs are fully inclusive for standard trips - there are no additional or hidden mandatory costs
  • These hires include mandatory safety gear plus a good quality local map of the Everglades section of the river with suggested routes and detailed personal briefings on navigation, safety and boat operation
  • Water-tight plastic drums (50 litre size) for the secure storage of clothes, gear and food are available for $10 each drum per trip, or simply bring your own bags or drums
  • ID and either a cash deposit or credit card details are required on all hires and trips, in addition to completing our standard hire agreement
  • We accept payment by cash, EFTPOS or direct credit into our bank


The Noosa Everglades are part of the Noosa River system, a 60km long majestic waterway meandering the coastal areas from the sand dunes in the north to its mouth near Noosa Heads, in south-east Queensland.  Noosa is approximately 90 minutes by car north from Brisbane.

The Everglades form the nothern end of this river system located within the Cooloola Section of the Great Sandy National Park, and are renowned for their pristine and natural condition.  Throughout the Everglades, the Noosa River varies in width from just a few meters to around 100 meters, and includes a section which crosses Fig Tree Lake and Lake Como.  Being largely protected from the wind by the surrounding forest, the river is mostly calm and highly suitable for exploration by canoe or kayak.

Just 20 minutes drive from Noosa is our base at Boreen Point, a small village on a penisula on the western shore of Lake Cootharaba, the largest of the lakes in this river system.  The Noosa Everglades commences where the Noosa River flows into this lake at its northern end.


The Noosa Everglades are only accessible on foot or by boat.  The only vehicle access into this area, apart from emergency vehicles, is the public camp ground at Harrys Hut, but this is regarded as being several kilometers north of the most appealing sight-seeing sections of the river.  Several walking trails also enter this area but they allow only restricted viewing of limited parts of the waterways and foreshore area.

Without any doubt, the Noosa Everglades should be experienced by boat.  And it is precisely this aspect which keeps visitor numbers relatively low and which thus helps to mimimise impact and to conserve and preserve this area in its absolute natural state.  The Noosa Everglades are rich in flora and fauna, and have remained relatively unchanged for centuries.


  • The Kinaba Information Centre, with its static displays, posters and maps offers useful and interesting details about the area. The building itself is made of timber and sits close to the shore elevated on stumps across the water. Visitors can be bought by boat right up to its steps
  • An elevated circular walkway through the mangroves near to the Information Centre
  • The camp ground at Figtree Point, with its jetty, picnic and toilet facilities
  • The circular forest walk at Figtree Point
  • The smaller Figtree Lake and larger Lake Como - each is completely different and unique
  • All parts of Kin Kin Creek and the Upper Noosa River but especially the area within the Everglades known as "The Narrows" with its tannin-stained and highly reflective surface reflections - "The River of Mirrors"
  • Harrys Hut campground, with its amenities, plus 15 other river-front camping spots
  • The various walking trails which traverse this area including the walks to Kinaba, Harrys Hut and Camp Site 3
  • The 3-4 hour return walk from Camp Site 3 to the impressive Cooloola Sandpatch offering spectacular ocean and hinterland views
  • The water taxi trip itself is a highlight, if you have taken this option

It's highly unlikely you will be able to see and experience all of this in a single day, so we always suggest you get the most out of your day by leaving early. We will do our best to cater for you and your group, so please don't hesitate to ask for an early departure - no extra cost applies.


Generally speaking:

  • Seating structures in canoes tend to be solid and more supportive of the paddlers' backs, and thus to be more comfortable for a day's outing
  • Canoes tend to better cater for the storage of gear - they have more space than kayaks and it is all easily accessible
  • Canoes tend to offer better protection from small waves and the wash from any passing boats
  • Canoes can be used with either single or double bladed paddles while kayaks generally require the double blades, and experienced paddlers can cover more water using double blades - but then again, who's in a hurry?
  • Kayaks are affected less by the breeze because they have lower sides than canoes - however 90% of the Upper Noosa River is relatively narrow and protected from the breeze so wind is mostly not an issue
  • Our kayaks have a rudder which is controlled using foot pedals by the paddler closest to the stern. This can be an advantage in terms of steering, though manouvering canoes by paddles is also easy after you have been given some basic instruction

Overall, we suggest the use of canoes but we also have a modern fleet of kayaks if these are your preference.


  • Canoe or kayak hire, with paddles (2 or 3 people per canoe)
  • PFDs (bouyancy vests) - mandatory for the kids
  • Transfers by our water taxi service between Boreen Point and the Sir Thomas Hillary Information Centre at Kinaba, if this option is taken 
  • Maps
  • Detailed briefings on a suggested itinerary
  • Canoe instruction


  • Food, drink and snacks for the day
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen and insect repellant
  • Light, comfortable sunsafe clothing
  • Spray/fleecy jacket
  • Swimming costume & towel
  • Footwear
  • Camera
  • Mobile phone (just in case)
  • Optionally, fishing gear


We use Canadian style fibreglass and poly canoes, with seating capacity for either 2 or 3 people each.  These are very well suited to the Everglades conditions, being light but strong, easily managed, and straight-traking.

Our kayaks are poly, sit-on-top style Ocean brand kayaks


Your safety is our primary concern at all times.  You need to be aware that all outdoor adventure activities carry an element of risk and that you need to be in reasonable health to partake in a day of outdoor activity.  For your information:

  • Mobile phones usually work on Lake Cootharaba and the higher hills which fringe this area, but will be intermittant or non-existant on the Upper Noosa River and at most of the camping areas
  • Passing commercial tour boats and the general boating public can assist you on the river system if necessary
  • General and emergency vehicle access is available into Harrys Hut
  • National Park rangers do patrol the area at times
  • Our pre-departure briefings will alert you to other matters of safety and some of the actions you should and should not take on these trips


  • Camp overnight in any of the dozen or so designated riverside camp areas within the national park (additional costs apply - and use you own camp gear or hire ours)  
  • Motorised runabout boat hire ... use as an alternative to canoes or kayaks, or use as a support boat for the group (additional costs apply but no special license is required)


Your involvement in any of our trips, tours and hires is subject to our General Terms & Conditions, and any other specific hire agreement we may execute with you.

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